Tuesday 12 June 2012

Family Fun Day at the RI

We had a fabulous time on Saturday at the Royal Institution's Family Fun day. BIG thanks to Karen and our lovely RI volunteers: Rachel, Anna, Angelo who you can see here.

And here we can see some folk beavering away at their infill panel. Thanks to everyone who came along and made a few loops we finished three whole panels!

The quiet after the storm... Once everyone had gone home we could admire the collective handiwork of a couple of hundred budding structural engineers.

Oh, and did we mention that we got to present a talk in the RI lecture theatre - with demonstrations and volunteers and science and engineering and everything? Swoon!

Did you know that the woolly French knitting that we've used for our cables here doubled in length when stretched to breaking point and it broke when loaded with 12kilos? Compare that to 1m steel cable of the same diameter which would only stretch 1mm.

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