About us

The Continuous Loop Project is a creative yarn and structural engineering project run by the Science Communication Unit of the University of the West of England, Bristol. It is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering through their Ingenious grant scheme.

The natural synergies between yarn crafts, such as knitting and crochet, and structural engineering create a mutual starting point for meaningful conversations between craft-interested adults and structural engineers. Vintage and Steam Engine Fairs have an existing craft community who are likely to be open to a new craft-based activity. A team of 20 structural engineers will deliver drop-in knitting/crochet activities at five Vintage and Steam Engine Fairs Science Festivals and family fun days. The activities will be used to stimulate conversations between 400 craft-interested adults people of all ages and 20 structural engineers about structural engineering. This drop-in festival environment can be challenging so the engineers will be supported with opportunities for developing their public engagement skills through participation in a practical training course and reflection during and after the activities. Findings from the project will be disseminated to the engineering, craft and public engagement communities.

For more information contact Dr Helen Featherstone on helen2(dot)featherstone(at)uwe(dot)ac(dot)uk